Are Converse Shoes Good for CrossFit? Our Honest Opinion

If you enjoy CrossFit, you understand how important your equipment is.

Equipment is important for safety, efficacy, and flexibility. One piece of equipment that people commonly overlook is shoes.

For example, a lot of people love Converse shoes; however, are they good for CrossFit?

Yes, Converse shoes are good for doing CrossFit. They have minimal cushioning, allow you to feel the ground well, and create more stability that can prevent injuries. At the same time, they are not the only shoes that are good for CrossFit.

What do you need to know about Converse shoes for CrossFit, and what are a few other options you might want to consider?

Are Converse Shoes Suitable for Doing CrossFit?

Yes, Converse shoes are good for doing CrossFit. There are a lot of people who believe they need to find shoes with the most cushioning possible. That way, they can take the stress off their feet and focus on other parts of the exercise.

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If you select shoes with a lot of cushioning for CrossFit, they can actually be detrimental to your exercise routine.

Cushioned footwear can remove friction between yourself and the ground. As a result, you may use an incorrect foot position, make yourself unstable, and increase your chances of suffering an injury.

Furthermore, if you select shoes that have a lot of cushioning, you will not have to work as hard during the routine, reducing some of the benefits you get during CrossFit.

For all of these reasons, Converse shoes do work well for CrossFit.

They have minimal cushioning, allowing you to increase your foot position awareness while working harder during each exercise. You can feel the ground well, increase your grip strength, and keep yourself stable as you perform a variety of exercises.

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Are Converse Shoes Good Training and Weightlifting Shoes?

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Yes, Converse shoes are also good for general training and weightlifting. There are several reasons why Converse shoes work well for this purpose.

First, Converse shoes are great for weightlifting because they have a flat sole. That means that your foot will always be flat on the ground, allowing you to be consistently aware of your position.

When you are more connected to the floor, you increase your balance, allowing you to put more power into each lift without falling over.

Converse shoes also have high ankle support. This is important for preventing injuries.

If you don’t have a lot of ankle support, you might feel unstable as you go through each lift. You need to have proper support for your ankles to prevent tendon and ligament damage.

Converse shoes provide this for you, making them one of the most popular options for training and weightlifting.

Why Do People Like Converse Shoes for Workouts?

There are several reasons why people like Converse shoes for workouts. It is true that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, but there are several other reasons as well. They include:

They’re Flat

A lot of people believe that running shoes are good for weight lifting; however, running shoes have curved soles, which can be detrimental to lifting.

Because Converse shoes are flat, they help you push off the ground more as you go through various lifts including squats and deadlifts.

You’re Close to the Ground

Converse shoes have a very thin bottom. Even though this might not sound like a big deal, it is very important.

Because you are closer to the ground, you do not have to lift as far. It makes it easier for you to lift, allows you to perform more repetitions, and can help you increase your maximum on each lift.

Furthermore, because you’re closer to the ground, your center of gravity is lower, allowing you to maintain your balance.

They Protect Your Feet

Your feet are critically important during every workout. Therefore, you need to protect them with the right pair of shoes.

Converse shoes provide plenty of flexibility and stability for your feet and ankles, protecting you from harm.

Even though some people lift without any shoes at all, it is always better to protect your feet with a solid pair of shoes. Converse shoes are durable and will protect your feet from damage.

Alternatives to Converse Shoes

If you are looking for alternatives to Converse shoes, there are a few options available. They include:

Sabo Deadlift Shoe Pro

Sabo is one of the most popular shoes for weightlifting because they provide your foot with a bit of arch support while also keeping the sole flat.

Therefore, you will stay comfortable, support your feet, and stay close to the ground with each left.

Asics Matflex 5

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then you may want to check out this shoe from Asics. It is popular because it has exceptional traction and slip resistance.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about falling over. It also provides an exceptional amount of ankle support, which will protect your foot and ankle from harm.

Inov Cross-Training Shoe

If you are looking for an exceptional cross-training shoe, then you may want to check out this option from Inov.

This is a popular shoe for people who do CrossFit because it can handle just about anything you throw at it.

It can be used for numerous movements throughout the gym, does not provide a lot of cushioning, and has plenty of give for certain workouts to give you the flexibility you need without making it unsafe.

Find the Best Shoes for Your CrossFit Workout

In the end, it is important to find a reliable pair of shoes you can wear during your CrossFit workout.

You need to find shoes that provide plenty of stability and balance without making the workout too easy.

Even though there are a lot of people who like to wear Converse shoes, there are plenty of other options available as well.

Why not try out several styles to see what works best for you?

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