Deathproof CrossFit – This Box Earned Their Name!

CrossFit means a variety of things depending on who you are…Deathproof CrossFit will make you rethink all of it.

The story…Deathproof CF’s Owner and Head Coach, Jase Robinson’s story is one you need to hear!

Deathproof CrossFit originally opened as CrossFit Retaliation in 2013, things were good and they changed locations from a tin box to the warehouse of a carpet store in 2015.

That same year in 2015, Jase had a near fatal motorcycle wreck which left him with a TBI and unable to do most things himself.  His partner kept him in the game by doing everything from dressing to finishing his sentences. 

Jase kept working out, pretty much as an adaptive athlete until he was fully physically functioning at which point his brain had started to heal and mental acuity had returned somewhat. 

Recognizing that he would’ve most likely been killed if he wasn’t in great shape from CrossFit and that he had been using CrossFit to rehab they decided to change the name to Deathproof CrossFit.

As time went by, Jase started to get sharper mentally and things started to get back to normal. 

Then… in January 2018, the main circuit breaker box in the carpet store overloaded and started a fire which completely destroyed the store and took the box with it.

Everything was gone but they set out to find another location, and in September 2018 they lucked into their current 8000 sq ft building. Today they are constantly improving towards making Deathproof into one of the biggest, best equipped CrossFit gyms in the US.  

Deathproof CrossFit’s box is now a second home for its members.  

Beyond a ton of equipment, they have an athlete hangout area full of La-Z-boys, a sauna, sports bar, and a…Bourbon bar! (Sounds like what dreams are made of!)

All that aside their members know that the more time they spend there, the better they become.  

Deathproof CrossFit cultivates personal responsibility and growth in all dimensions, not just physical, which develops confidence and strength. 

This box has seen the good, the bad, and the future

Deathproof’s resilience and persistence is what CrossFit is all about!

Tim Rollins, Editor

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