Is Crossfit Worth It – Things to Consider

Whether you have worked out in a traditional gym for years or are just beginning your training regimen you may question your consideration of Crossfit when walking into your local box.

There are very few machines, a small number of people, and the box typically resembles a storage unit….In the end I can assure you Crossfit is worth it but before I discuss why let’s get the dollar cost out of the way.

Crossfit Cost: Monthly Membership

First things first, membership to a Crossfit box is going to be more expensive than your cookie cutter gym.

Each box sets their own dues and offer their own packages; some offer unlimited use for a set amount and others have several packages ranging from two to three sessions per week to premium unlimited classes.

With that being said I have seen Crossfit box dues anywhere from $80 per month to $300. Depending on where you live and the box you are attending prices will vary.

Learn more about how much CrossFit costs in this guide.

Crossfit is worth it – Atmosphere, Coaching, Accountability, Results.

Crossfit Community

The first and biggest reason Crossfit is worth the time, money, and commitment is the community. There is no gym or environment that encourages the same level of camaraderie as the box and the Crossfit community.

Boxletes are very personable and welcoming, an environment that encourages and challenges you to give your best. The attention and inspiration from the fellow box members will push you to reach new levels of fitness.

If struggling with or to complete a workout you will inevitably find boxletes encouraging you to push harder. They will share tips, encouraging words, and cheer you to your best.

Coaching – Crossfit Programming

On top of the community Crossfit offers the coaching provided is worth the price alone.

Every coach should have completed the Crossfit Level 1 Certificate Course and successfully define and demonstrate the core concepts of Crossfit.

They should also be able to perform and coach proper foundational movement form and technique.

Ultimately coaches should be able to lead a class through multiple stages of development, from theory to practice.

When comparing the instruction of a Crossfit certified coach to that of the average personal trainer it is clear that your box membership is a fraction of the value received.

Crossfit Expectations, Standards, and Accountability

Your Crossfit box offers accountability! Your co boxletes, coaches, and affiliate owners care about your success and development. They want to ensure you are enjoying your workouts and growing as an athlete.

Ultimately your progress and success reflects on the box and the community, therefor whether you like it or not you are accountable for your effort and success.

Crossfit Results

The success and results of Crossfit athletes are evident in every box across the country. Thousands of people began Crossfit not able to do a push up, pull up, or even run a mile.

With hard work, an encouraging community, skilled coaching, and accountability these same people are now able to complete multiple push/pull ups, run/row several miles, and lift more weight than they ever have.

Is Crossfit Worth It – The Gist

If you want to create or sustain great health and lifestyle Crossfit is definitely worth it!

Committing to regularly attending your box and training ensures that you get the most out of your money and efforts. You will stay in great shape and develop some amazing relationships in the process.

To wrap things up let’s recap the value of Crossfit and your local Crossfit affiliate box.

Considering the monthly cost of a box membership in regards to the community, coaching, accountability, and results it is my opinion that Crossfit is definitely worth it.

As all things in life you must commit and put forth the effort to achieve the results you desire but if you do you will learn and grow more than you ever thought you would.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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