Best CrossFit Gym in San Antonio

Your guide to the best CrossFit in San Antonio; you will find the Alamo City offers a lot for the CrossFit community. San Antonio CrossFit boxes offer a range of training, from strength training to gymnastics.

The common theme as always with CrossFit is community, and San Antonio is a place that prioritizes community above all else. With all of that being said here is the best CrossFit in San Antonio!

Mission CrossFit San Antonio 

Mission CrossFit San Antonio is a world class fitness facility that sets its foundation in its coaching staff, who above all else, love and support their members. They hold one another accountable as family and friends, and share in each other’s triumphs and frustrations alike. 

Mission CrossFit SA provides an intense, hard-nosed workout that can be scaled from the prescribed workout for everyone to enjoy! They don’t just start the clock,sit back, and watch but are right there with you every step of the way. They will always be correcting form, cheering you on and helping you reach your fitness goals.

CrossFit San Antonio

Crossfit San Antonio opened in 2007 as the first crossfit gym in San Antonio, hence the name. CFSA is a place where no matter the age, physical condition, experience level, or sport background, you will always be welcome and get the best workout while maintaining good form and safety. 

Their experienced coaches will motivate you with programs that will challenge you day in and day out. Driven by their community they stay drama free in order to give everything they have towards you and your goals.

Alamo City CrossFit

Alamo City CrossFit has a 12,000 sq ft facility providing ample room for group classes, personal training, Open Gym and a completely separate Weightlifting area. Their vast class and Open Gym schedule allows the busiest of individuals plenty of scheduling options and commuters can freshen up after a workout in their showers and changing rooms.

The coaches at Alamo City CrossFit can help you with any aspect of fitness and nutrition, including building strength and muscle bulk, improving your gymnastics or diet and much more. They are trained to modify workouts to accommodate any injuries or limitations you may have, and focus on correct form, safety, and efficiency within each movement.

Body Armor CrossFit

Body Armor CrossFit is an inclusive gym that welcomes everyone and every level of fitness, their coaching staff focuses on you and not the BS. 

They have a 6,000 sq. ft. facility with 1,500 sq. ft. dedicated to a strength & olympic lifting facility. Located downtown with plenty of parking, space for flipping tires, running springs, dragging sleds, and a  dedicated run lane that connects the Witte Museum to the Riverwalk.

CrossFit Mettle

CrossFit Mettle started in 2012 and offers beginner and seasoned athletes alike a place to call home. Whatever your fitness goals are, their dedicated coaching staff is there to support and motivate you. In addition to CrossFit, they offer support with nutrition, personal training, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. 

King William District CrossFit 

King William District CrossFit is a community of healthy, happy, humble, hard-working people that cultivate positive relationships inside and outside the box. They recognize that in life, there’s always a reason to be unhappy and always a reason to be happy. 

KWDCF focuses on the gift of life and does not take it for granted. Happy people tend to not complain, grumble, or whine, and are generally pleasant to be around. They take action if they don’t like something or they make peace with a bad circumstance; they’re resilient.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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