The Best CrossFit Gyms in Louisville, Kentucky!

Louisville is home to more than the Kentucky Derby and KFC…this city is also home to one of the largest CrossFit communities in Kentucky.

These boxes have a ton of character, world class training, and communities that are second to none.

There is a lot to be proud of in the bluegrass state; let’s look at the top boxes in Louisville!

CrossFit Bluegrass

CrossFit Bluegrass is not your average gym; there are no machines, no boring routines, and best of all there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a fun and effective way to stay in shape or you want to compete with some of the fittest in the world, CrossFit Bluegrass can help you reach your fitness goals. 

CrossFit Bluegrass opened their garage doors in 2012 and moved to their current location in 2017, which has a large group workout area, separate open gym/lifting area, kids room, and updated bathrooms and showers for their athletes. 

CrossFit Covalence 

The owners of CF Covalence met in high school, where they grew up in a suburb of Chicago, and have been best friends ever since. They’ve done everything from high school football to enlisting in the military together.

Dan and Johnny’s friendship has been nothing short of a brotherhood surrounded by fitness in every aspect. They graduated from Ft. Benning, Georgia  together in 2005, then returned to the same unit to be in the same platoon.

They ended up moving to Lexington and needed an excuse to start a gym from scratch with very little experience running a business. The only catch is they would have to live inside the gym’s small 2nd story loft until the gym got off the ground. 

Since 2010 Johnny and Dan have loved CrossFit and its ability to grow friendships into family. Nowadays they own and operate CrossFit Covalence entirely every day. This has always been their dream to work side by side doing what they love and this shows on the floor when they are coaching everyday.

Butchertown CrossFit 

Butchertown CrossFit focuses on people, passion, and purpose. They place their community above all else; they are passionate about the health, fitness and overall well-being of their community. 

Their newly outfitted CrossFit box features brand new, custom equipment and 8,000 square feet of training space. You’ll love training in their facility but you’ll also love the comfortable lounge area, dedicated mobility zone, and newly remodeled locker rooms to freshen up post workout. 

CrossFit Regeneration

On January 1, 2012, CrossFit Regeneration was born in Louisville, Kentucky. The first gym location was known as “Garage Mahal”.

A lot of lessons were learned during this period as the community began to expand and the gym was forced to move to a new location, and then again to its largest and current location. 

From its inception in 2012 until now, CrossFit Regeneration has grown from a “baby gym” to a “big boy” gym. Their community members make them proud and they love the different flavors they bring to the gym. 

Fern Creek CrossFit 

Fern Creek CrossFit wants to help people in the Louisville, Kentucky, area rewrite their stories, change their lives, and improve their health and fitness.

They workout and play together, workouts aren’t bad when you’re making new friends. They offer you keys to our community who’s working to rewrite their own stories each and every day.

Do you of any other Louisville, KY boxes we should mention? Let us know!

Tim Rollins, Editor

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