How to Do the Back Squat WOD

The Back Squat WOD is just as its name states. This workout is a compound movement, meaning that it involves numerous joints.

The back squat involves placing a smith machine bar or barbell on your upper back to offer resistance.

A few of the most prominent muscle groups worked when you do a back squat are the adductor magnus, gluteus maximum, and quadriceps.

How to Do the Back Squat WOD

  • Start by placing the bar behind your neck in a resting position. Alternatively, you could put it across the trapezius muscles.
  • Firmly grip the bar by enduing your elbows are pulled down and tight.
  • Stand with your heels placed just outside your hips, with your feet slightly pointed out.
  • Set your hips underneath your shoulders
  • Ensure your core is tight and maintain that tightness throughout the entire lift.

Tips and Strategy

  • A good rep happens when your hips break the vertical plane of your knees at the bottom. Furthermore, when your hips and knees are fully open and locked at the top.
  • Always push through your heels, driving your knees out till you rise to the starting position. When you descend, do so until the hip crease breaks the plane of your knees.
  • Your knees should track over your toes.
  • You need to maintain a good lumbar curve when you send your hips down and back.

Going soft at the bottom of your squat is something you shouldn’t do as it isn’t safe. To avoid this, you can take a massive breath and then tighten your core before descending. Doing this also helps put your back in a safe position.

You can pull your elbows forward when you squat to keep your chest up. This also ensures that the bar is over the center of your foot.

Most athletes tend to let their knees cave in when they ascend out of a back squat. You can avoid this by pushing your knees out when you rise and corkscrewing your feet into the ground. This will be counterclockwise on your left and clockwise on your right. Moving your feet in this manner can help you remain aligned as you create more power out of the squat.

When squatting, you should be able to wiggle your toes at any point. The key to succeeding in this movement is to drive through your heels.

Also, remember that having a firm grip on the bar while pulling your elbows together can result in a tighter lower back and tight upper back.

Back squats target the posterior chain, including your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. They are also good for engaging the quads and core.

Including heavy front and back squats when developing a training program for the lower body is good for increasing speed for sports like basketball, soccer, field hockey, football, and lacrosse.

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Tim Rollins, Editor

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