CrossFit Terms – What You Need to Know and Where to Start

AMRAP, EMOM, PR, WOD…what does it all mean?

If you’re new to CrossFit you will quickly discover a lingo unique to the sport.

There are a plethora of CrossFit terms out there, ranging from abbreviations to made up terms.

We know how overwhelming this all can be and are aware that a list of equipment, movements, and training methods could go on forever.

So we’ll share some of the most popular CrossFit terms and phrases to get you started.

Here you go.

Affiliate – A CrossFit Box owner.

Air Squat – A body weight squat.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible.

As Rx’d – As Prescribed or the recommended weight.

Ass to Grass / ATG – Dropping as low as possible in any squat position.

Back Squat – Squat with barbell resting on your back.

Box – Term for CrossFit gym.

Boxlete™ – A CrossFit Athlete.

Box Jump – A movement that involves jumping onto and down from an elevated object.

Burpee – A movement that is started upright, transitions to dropping flat stomach to the ground, push up into a squat, ending with a  jump straight up.



BW – Body weight.

C&J – Clean and Jerk, a technical weightlifting position.

C2 –  A Concept 2 brand rowing machine. Related: Rower vs Skierg (also a Concept 2 machine)

CFT – CrossFit Total, combined weight of max squat, press, and deadlift.

Chin Up – Pull up movement with palms facing inward toward body.

Chipper – Workout with several movements and repetitions.

CrossFit Games – Annual CrossFit competition hosted by CrossFit Inc.

CrossFit Open – Opening round of CrossFit Games competition, open to the world.

CrossFit Regionals – Qualifying competition for the CrossFit Games.

CTB/C2B – Chest to Bar,  a pull up that extends to chest crossing the bar.

DNF – Did Not Finish

DNS – Did Not Start

DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, muscle pain several hours after exercise.

Double UndersJumping Rope with two rotations per jump.

EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute.

Firebreather – An elite boxlete.

GHD – Glute Hamstring Developer, a machine that creates a hanging sit up.

GHR – Glute Hamstring Raise.

Girl WOD – Benchmark CrossFit workouts.

Globo Gym – Traditional gym.

Goat – Term for movement you are not good at.

GPP – General Physical Preparedness.

Hero WODs – CrossFit workouts honoring those who have fallen in duty. 

HQ – CrossFit Headquarters.

HSPU – Handstand Push Up.

K2E – Knees to Elbows, dead hanging from a bar, raise knees up to touch your elbows.

Kettlebell –  A type of weight, used on its own in a variety of movements.

Kipping – A swaying motion that uses momentum to assist in the movement, typically done with pull ups or rings.

L1 – Level 1 Certification, learn more.

L2 – Level 2 Certification, learn more.

L3 – Level 3 Certification.

MetCon – Metabolic Conditioning.

MWOD – Mobility WOD, focusing on stretching and mobility.

Muscle Up – A combination of an extended pull up, bar press, and dip creating a single movement.

Overhead Squat – Squat with barbell held overhead.

PB – Personal Best.

Pistol – A one legged squat.

PR – Personal Record.

Rack Position –  Resting a barbell on collar bone and anterior deltoids, lightly supported by hands.

Rep – A repetition.

Rest Day – A non workout day meant for recovery. Learn more about CrossFit rest days here

RM – Repetition maximum.

ROM – Range of motion.

Tabata – Timed sequences of training created by Dr. Tabata, 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for a predetermined amount of time.

Toes to Bar / TTB – While dead hanging from a bar, bring toes up to touch bar. Related: TTB Alternatives

Touch and Go / TNG – Nonstop training, no stopping between reps or transitions.

Unbroken – Complete set of repetitions without putting down weight or stopping movement.

Wall Balls – A technical movement for throwing a medicine ball against a wall. Related: Wall Ball Alternatives and Wall Ball WODs

WOD – Workout of the Day, a set workout to complete for time.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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