Inside the Best Box in Troy – CrossFit 1776

Troy, AL is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama, home to Troy University, and has one of the best boxes in Alabama, CrossFit 1776.

CrossFit 1776 opened almost 6 years ago in Troy, AL by Owner/Head Coach, Lori Jacobs. However Lori’s love for CrossFit began 12 years ago in Albany, GA at World Camp CrossFit under Coach/CrossFit Athlete Kris Morrill while she was weight loss training. 

When she found out she was moving to Troy, AL and there was not a CrossFit Affiliate she sought out to get her Level 1 CrossFit certification knowing she would need to train herself.  

Interest within the community about CrossFit was prevalent and therefore after living in Troy for 2 years and training people out of passion from her garage she decided to open an affiliate, CrossFit 1776.  

CrossFit 1776 was established for people to train and learn about fitness and health, while developing a community of passionate athletes. Coming together with the mindset to become better than yesterday, in an effort to become extraordinary.

We asked Lori how 1776  does this…simple, good Coaches and putting your athletes first. 

According to Lori, a great CrossFit coach is one that is in tune with their athletes, stays up to date on health and fitness, respects individuality among their athletes while remaining passionate about coaching, and holds athletes accountable to their own fitness goals.

CrossFit 1776 considers their athletes while programming, planning, purchasing equipment, etc. Their coaches also work out in their box, giving them perspective and drives the culture and community the gym instills. 

Coaches, Athletes, Community – CrossFit 1776 has it figured out!

Tim Rollins, Editor

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