Top 10 Best CrossFit YouTube Channels To Follow

Whether you’re looking for a little added motivation, need an expert to help you improve your form, or simply want to learn a new WOD, many of the best CrossFit YouTube channels offer all of that and then some.

Below, we’ll share with you those CrossFit content creators that every serious CrossFitter should follow to help you up your game.

Top 10 Best CrossFit YouTube Channels To Follow

1. CrossFit HQ

No guide to the best CrossFit YouTube channels to follow would be worth anything if it didn’t start with the official CrossFit HQ channel.

With over 1.6 million subscribers, it’s by far the most popular source for CrossFit videos on YouTube, and not simply because it comes from the brand that started the whole thing.

Every day, the official CrossFit channel posts short workout tips so that you can learn how to improve your performance in just a couple of minutes.

In between, CrossFit HQ also posts a host of health-related content on topics such as maintaining healthy habits, eating and drinking for effective recovery, and more.

If you only subscribe to one YouTube channel today, CrossFit HQ should be the one.

2. Team Richey

Team Richey (Craig Richey and partner Jas) are among YouTube’s most famous CrossFitters.

The UK-based duo has earned their 330,00+ subscribers by posting news and updates on all the latest goings-on in the world of CrossFit, including content from major events like the CrossFit Open and Q&As with some of the sports biggest stars like Mat Fraser and 2021 CrossFit Games champion Justin Medeiros.

With new videos out several times each week, Craig and Jas should be your go-to source for keeping abreast of what’s happening in CrossFit.

3. HWPO Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser may be a popular guest on channels like Team Richey, but the five-time CrossFit games winner is also a well-known YouTuber in his own right.

The most successful CrossFit athlete ever, Mat’s HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off) channel offers an opportunity to learn from the best of the best, with regular tips and inspiration on training, nutrition, and other related subjects.

If you’re really committed to taking your CrossFit performance to the next level, who better to learn from than a man often described as The Greatest of All Time?

4. Barbell Shrugged

CrossFit may be a combination of multiple factors, but if the one you’re focussing on improving is your strength training right now, then Barbell Shrugged should be high on your list of CrossFit YouTubers to follow.

Originally starting as a podcast, the channel has since expanded to offer lift tips and tutorials designed to help you build muscle, improve conditioning, and lift those CrossFit barbels in the safest and most effective way possible.

5. The Buttery Bros

Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon are The Buttery Bros, a team of former CrossFit HQ staffers who have since branched out on their own to bring viewers insights and inspiration from some of the biggest names in CrossFit and sport in general.

The likes of Dani Speegle, Tia-Clair Toomey, and celebrated bodybuilder Kai Greener are just some of the names you’ll meet on a channel that not only provides useful and informative pointers for CrossFitters, but does so in a way that’s so entertaining you can’t help but hit subscribe.

6. WODPrep

If you’re relatively new to CrossFit, WODPrep is definitely a channel worth paying attention to.

One of the best CrossFit YouTube channels to follow for beginners, WODPrep is hosted by CrossFit gym owner and former CFL1 trainer Ben Dziwulski.

Each week, Ben provides new videos which offer simple fitness coaching designed to help get started with CrossFit, avoid common mistakes, and improve your performance.

The one thing we like best about WODPrep is that the channel also provides helpful strategies for completing popular WODs like Jackie, Fran, Cindy, and many others.

7. Jacob Heppner

After retiring from individual competition after a successful five-event run at the CrossFit Games (including two top-10 finishers), beloved CrossFit athlete Jacob Heppner launched his own YouTube channel.

Mixed in with vlog-style content about his life in Kansas with wife Kelli and their dog Winston, you’ll find plenty of content focussing on CrossFit and fitness training in general.

Heppner frequently shares his own training routines, workout tips, and thoughts on the biggest news and events in CrossFit.

8. Simply Mander

It may seem like the CrossFit YouTube community is entirely dominated by men, but make no mistake about it, there’s more than a fair share of women creating excellent videos on a weekly basis.

Of them all Simply Mander is by far our favorite.

Each week, the channel’s engaging host provides uplifting content about all aspects of training prep, including nutrition and the importance of gaining and maintaining discipline.

If you’re looking for CrossFit content that isn’t just the usual training tips, Simply Mander is one to watch.

9. Kristi Eramo O’Connell

Kristi Eramo O’Connell and her husband originally met in a CrossFit gym and now run their own CrossFit gym in Ohio.

Together, they share their own workouts plus other fitness-related content in a way that is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating.

If you’re not quite feeling up for a workout today, spending a bit of time with Kristi and her almost 90,000 subscribers is a great way to get that motivation back.

10. Misfit Athletics

Last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a mention to Misfit Athletics.

The team creates specialized CrossFit programs designed to help you overcome any weaknesses you’re struggling with and smash your personal goals.

As an extension of this, they also share videos several times a week with their 24,000+ YouTube subscribers which include a combination of easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly tutorials, highlights from events like the CrossFit Games Open, and effective strategies for smashing those goals.

What Makes These The Top 10 Best CrossFit YouTube Channels To Follow?

If you’ve read through our picks, you’ll probably notice that each of our top ten picks has something different to offer, and that’s precisely what makes them among the very best CrossFit YouTube channels to follow in 2022.

While the CrossFit HQ channel, for example, may be your first port-of-call for workout walk-throughs and training tips, the entertainment value of channels like The Buttery Bros or the day-in-a-life-style vlog content offered by YouTubers such as SImply Mander and Jacob Heppner mean you can indulge your passion for CrossFit without getting burned out by yet another training video.

The best part is that many popular CrossFit YouTubers are seasoned pros of -and even winners at- major events like the CrossFit games, meaning that when you follow stars like Mat Fraser, you really are getting professional-quality advice from the best in the game, all for free.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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