Wodapalooza (WZA) is a 4-day fitness festival that happens every year in South Florida to celebrate fitness and the love of life.

It takes place at Bayfront Park, in the heart of Downtown Miami, and although it started out as a local event, it now draws people from over 30 countries – both competing and spectating. With over 25,000 spectators and almost 1500 athletes, even the elite come out to compete in this unique setting.

At WZA you can experience a carnival-like atmosphere with food, music, dancing, water shows, and plenty of sponsor booths for spectators to test their skills and get in on the action!


For the spectators – Depending on how close you want to sit, how many days you want to attend, and when you purchase your tickets, the pricing ranges from $45-$850. However, the first day is free and open to the public.

For the athletes – There’s three ways to be able to compete.

Invitation – Top athletes are able to bypass the WZA Online Challenge. This is based on past WZA finishes and the CrossFit Games.

Qualification – You gotta earn the right to compete at WZA Miami. Some divisions require an athlete or team to finish in a certain ranking or position to compete.

Open Registration – First come, first serve for eligible athletes. Eligibility is based on participation in the WZA Online Challenge.

Side note, you can also request an invite. You are eligible if you were a CrossFit Games Qualifier within the last three years for Individual, Master’s or Teams.


From humble beginnings to major sponsorships and top athletes competing, Wodapalooza has proved to be a major event of the year.

Now, here are your top finishers for the event…

Elite Men

1 – Streat Hoerner

2 – Dakota Rager

3 – Garret Fisher

4 – Tim Paulson

5 – Luke Schafer

6 – Alex Anderson

7 – Jason Carroll

8 – Todd Smith

9 – Aaron Hanna

10 – George Sanchez

Elite Women

1 – Katrin Davidsdottir

2 – Kari Pearce

3 – Mekenzie Riley

4 – Chantelle Loehner

5 – Bethany Shadburne

6 – Mckenzie Flinchum

7 – Lindsey Valenzuela

8 – Chelsea Nicholas

9 – Whitney Heuser

10 – Brenda Castro

Tim Rollins, Editor

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