Our Favorite Bench Press WOD (The St. Paddy’s Pump)

This Bench Press WOD is a powerlifting workout that increases your upper body pressing strength.

This WOD is easy to learn and not at all complicated. It also requires affordable and minimal equipment.

In a bench press, you primarily build the musculature in your chest while also increasing the strength in your triceps and shoulders.

Building your bench press number also increases your push press, jerk, and strict press numbers.

There are many Bench Press WODs to select from; however, we will focus on the St Paddy’s Pump.

This WOD features the following exercises:

  • 10 bench presses at 125 pounds
  • 20 GHD sit-ups

This workout is done for time, consisting of 10 rounds.

Your score is the time on the clock when you finish the last round of GHD sit-ups.

How to Do the Bench Press WOD

Begin the movement by placing your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Start with your arms extended on the barbell over your chest.

Your shoulders should be in contact with the bench at all times. When you push the barbell up, tighten your glutes and brace your core and chest muscle.

When you bring the bar down, bring it with control all the way to your chest.

The bar should touch the bottom of your chest muscle. Your elbows should point to your hips when you lower the bar. Ensure your forearms are vertical.

The rep is completed when you press to full arm extension.

How to Get a Good Rep

To have a great rep every time with this exercise, you should do the following:

  • Begin and finish with full arm extension
  • Touch the barbell to your chest. Note that your feet are the foundation of the bench press. This means your feet need to be flat on the floor when you lift. Doing so creates tension in your lower body, and the more tension you can develop, the more effective the bench press is
  • Always work on your technique. Technique is everything when doing a WOD. The most effective way to get a good rep and a great WOD session is to use the correct form. Not using the proper form can increase your risk of injury. Furthermore, performing the Bench Bress with the right technique gives you a faster WOD time.
  • If the bench press WOD is too advanced for you, you can scale down the weight or the number of bench presses you do

Have a look at this video to review proper form when doing a bench press WOD or workout:

The bench press WOD helps you build muscles in the upper body. The exercise can be done with a barbell or dumbbells.

Each bench press should be done regularly as a part of your total upper body workout. It’s a fundamental exercise that increases strength, muscular endurance, and development.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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