Holleyman WOD (Exercise Instructions and Tips)

The Holleyman WOD is a challenging yet popular workout. The workout is dedicated to a US Army Sergeant who died while serving his country.

The Holleyman WOD is a hero workout. If you are not familiar, a hero workout is traditionally created to honor those who died serving their country.

This particular hero workout may take a bit to complete successfully because it is more challenging than other workouts.

Holleyman WOD routine

The Hollyeman WOD is timed. You have to perform 30 rounds in a step-by-step exercise format.

The following exercises are included in this Holleyman WOD:

  • 5 Wall Ball Shots 14 pounds
  • 3 Handstand Push-Ups
  • 1 Power Clean 155 pounds

To finish this workout, you need to complete 30 rounds of the exercises listed above as fast as possible.

The Holleyman WOD is a high-volume workout; however, it is segmented into manageable sets (5 + 3 + 1); wall-ball shots, handstand push-ups, and power clean.

How to Get Good Times and Scores on the Holleyman WOD

You get scored using the time on the clock after you have finished the 30th round of this workout.

As stated earlier, each exercise is packed with reps.

It includes 30 power cleans, 90 handstand push-ups, and 50 wall balls. Depending on your capacity and agility, you can begin marking scores to scale up over time and increase the intensity of your workout.

When you first start the Holleyman WOD, you may think the workout is heavy and intensive. There are no rest periods between rounds during this hero WOD. However, you do have the opportunity to rest during your transition movements. This workout is physically challenging, but it is also mentally challenging.

To improve your time when doing the Holleyman WOD, you need to have the right transition strategy.

If we take a closer look at this workout, we will discover that the transition period takes about 90 seconds between rounds.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to how effectively you make the transition from one movement in the workout to another.

  • If you aim to score well, make sure that there aren’t more than three steps between each movement.
  • Perform your workout near a corner. Since you have to use one wall for handstand push-ups and another for wall-ball shots, it makes perfect sense to find a corner to make your transitions quicker.

The entire Holleyman WOD workout is extremely challenging. However, most people say the most difficult movement is the handstand push-up.

It can take some time before you master transitions and reps in the handstand push-up.

Doing this movement means you have to contend with the fear of flipping yourself and having adequate body strength to finish the workout.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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