The Best Callus Products of CrossFit – Removal, Care, & Maintenance!

A callus is an area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation.

Depending on how calluses are formed and cared for, they can be amazing or terrible for training, which is why maintaining your hands and calluses is so important!

If uncared for, your calluses can grow to hinder your ability to grip by folding or ripping during a workout, which can be both painful and bloody. Not to mention probably limit your ability to train while your hands recover.

However, if properly cared for you can use this toughened skin as a natural barrier for your palms while gripping a bar, ring, or weight.

With this in mind, here are the four best callus products we recommend for CrossFit athletes.

w.o.d. welder

Wod Welder uses a three step approach, which makes the process extremely effective and address all callus concerns. The process begins with a callus hydration formula, followed by a callus maintenance pumice stone, and then an Rx cream.

This method and product were developed out of personal frustrations of torn hands which not only hurt but also inhibited workouts.

Tried and true, this is one of the best products on the market for calluses.

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SandBar recognizes that the more we use our hands, the more our skin grows hard and calluses, and if not cared for will over time pinch and tear, causing ripped and injured skin.

SandBar found that with regular care of your hands and calluses you can keep training without bloody, painful, or torn skin that decreases performance.

SandBar found the best materials and molded the best tool for hands everywhere, with a patent- pending design that works away hard, built- up skin allowing you to train longer, stronger.

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Callus Performance

Callus Performance is made in the US and uses a unique patent pending blade technology that allows for access into hard to reach areas around the callus or dry rough spot for better control in the shaving process.

The Callus Performance tool eliminates the fear of shaving too much of the callus or dry area with both an emery board and rough patch, both of which require very little pressure to get the job done.

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BloQaid Callus Remover

This hand callus tool was designed by athletes for athletes, using a coarse side to handle those rough calluses and a fine side for a smooth finish. Shavers are made with hypoallergenic stainless steel which is lightweight yet durable.

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