31 Heroes WOD

The 31 Heroes workout of the day is a workout created to specifically remember the fallen heroes of the August 6th, 2011 tragedy and to honor the ultimate sacrifice they made.

Many of the lives lost that day were members of the Navy Seal community as well as one military K9.

Like other Hero workouts, this one can be grueling and long.

It consists of the following exercises:

  • 11 box jumps at 24 inches
  • 6 rope climbs at 15 feet
  • 8 thrusters at 105 pounds

The 31 Heroes WOD is an AMRAP workout which means “as many rounds as possible.”

This is also a partner WOD, which means it requires a partner and has a time cap of 31 minutes.

Considering that it does require a partner, while one partner goes through the AMRAP workout, the other runs for 400 meters with a 45-pound sandbag.

When the second partner returns from the run, the first partner takes over and runs with the sandbag.

The second partner can continue where the first partner stopped in the AMRAP workout.

This hero WOD is all about working together as a team and accomplishing the mission together.

Tips for Scoring High on 31 Heroes

To complete this workout for a fallen hero in the military community, you have to bear the following tips in mind for fitness and safety:

Warm up your shoulders

Considering that you will have to undergo rope climbs, sandbag ruck, and heavy thrusters, your shoulders will do a lot of work for about 31 minutes.

Keep chalk nearby, and don’t be afraid to use grips.

The 31 Heroes’ WOD will cause your hand to take a beating. Ensure that you have enough chalk and a set of CrossFit grips nearby.

When you do your box jumps and thrusters, aim to go unbroken.

The bottleneck part of this workout is the rope climbs. This means that you are bound to still be doing them when your partner returns from their run.

To help reduce waiting time, try to do the rest of the workout as quickly as possible so you can split up the rope climb section of the workout.

Create a transition plan with your partner before you begin.

Creating a transition plan with your partner can help you shave off 5 to 10 seconds from each round transition. This time shave can positively impact your score.

Decide before you begin the workout on how you will communicate your reps and how you’ll carry and hand the sandbag off.

You can also wear a weight vest during this 31 Hero WOD as well.


The 31 Heroes WOD is a 31-minute AMRAP workout.

It consists of thrusters, box jumps, and rope climbs.

This WOD requires two people, and while one works through the movements, the other runs with a sandbag.

Once the running partner returns, both partners switch places.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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