The Best CrossFit in the City of Angels…Los Angeles

There isn’t much this city can’t offer, from beaches to Hollywood you can find it all…including some of the Best CrossFit in the world!

Several boxes found there roots at gyms such as CrossFit Hollywood and many others from those recognized as the best in Los Angeles!

CrossFit Hollywood

In 2008, CrossFit Hollywood officially launched as the brainchild of lifetime athlete/fitness enthusiast, Andy Thompson, and ex-SEAL, Neil Mahoney.

Starting in Pan Pacific Park with only 2 classes and 13 members, CrossFit Hollywood quickly moved into their current location at 3rd and La Brea, where they now offer close to 100 classes per week to over 300 members.

CrossFit Hollywood is known around the world for its exceptional coaching and it’s enthusiastic environment. Since 2008, over 15 other successful gyms have developed from former members of CFHW. CrossFit Hollywood proudly sets the standard for the best coaching staff in the greater Los Angeles area.

DogTown CrossFit

DogTown CrossFit opened in 2010 as the result of the joining of three lifelong athletes. The owners came to the table with backgrounds in Olympic level Judo, elite level gymnastics, and competitive snowboarding among other things.

They share a lifelong passion for health and fitness as well as approximately 4 decades of coaching experience. Their varying backgrounds come together to build a diverse and well-rounded curriculum for our members.

Community plays a huge roll in CrossFit and that is no different at Dogtown CrossFit, members support each other both inside the gym and out through conquering a Tough Mudder race, fundraising for a cause close to heart, growing your family, or just making it to the end of a tough workout.

CrossFit Santa Monica

CFSM is a premier CrossFit gym in Los Angeles, CA, with a mission to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life.

The mix of instructors are experts in helping members achieve peak physical performance. With a wide range of athletic backgrounds from CrossFit to water polo to gymnastics, their trainers use the best and most effective techniques from the fitness universe. Group classes are hard, fun, sweaty, and leave you looking good and feeling even better.

CrossFit Los Angeles

CrossFit Los Angeles (CFLA), was founded in 2004 by Andy Petranek, he has been a true pioneer in the movement – creating concepts and programs, building community, teaching, innovating, mentoring, and coaching. Over thirteen CrossFit Affiliates have been created as a direct result of training with Andy at CFLA.

CrossFit LA is a school, it’s is a place to become knowledgeable in the mechanics, strengths, limitations, and untapped possibilities of your body. It’s a place to participate with community – other people also engaged in this practice.

They teach you how to move your body with proper mechanics, to get strong and fast, to increase your power output, to increase your endurance and stamina, to get flexible, stable, and balanced, and to move with grace and agility.

CrossFit Los Feliz

CrossFit Los Feliz has th ability to scale the CrossFit workout to your individual needs and abilities means that anyone, at any skill level, can jump into a class and pick up the movements, the concepts, and the intensity.

They also focus on form before intensity, thus decreasing injury potential and improving enjoyment of the overall programming.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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