The Best CrossFit Gyms in Atlanta GA

Atlanta, GA…Arguably the capital of the South, this city boasts a ton of history while offering a lot of options today. The ATL metro has one of the best aquariums in the country, museums, major league sports, and more.

Let’s cut to it and share the best CrossFit boxes in Atlanta!

CrossFit Atlanta

CrossFit Atlanta is Atlanta’s oldest CrossFit gym with over 12 years of proven results for any person regardless of skill level or fitness background. Their formula is simple yet effective; workout with us at least 3 times per week, eat quality foods to support an active lifestyle, and sleep well and be kind to your body.

CFA’s facility is awesome too; 5,700 sf of workout space, 20ft ceilings, new flooring, bay door, BigAss Fan, 6 ceiling exhaust fans, 100ft of pull-up bars, 20+ squat racks, and a whole slew of other new gear. They have a dedicated welcome, retail, and social area for members and visitors as well as brand new locker rooms with 2 bathrooms & showers for men and 2 for the ladies. 

CrossFit RX

CrossFit RX has a solid approach to strength and conditioning, designed for scalability and may apply equally to all people, regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. Most workouts are completed in a group setting, with an average class size of 10. This “immersion” approach encourages a sense of community while providing you with the attention from the trainer necessary for both safety and athletic success. 

Their 5000+ sq foot facility is one of the largest dedicated-CrossFit gyms in Atlanta, with 30’ ceilings, a 15’ “Big Ass Fan”,  50’ custom steel gymnastic rig, 18 individual oak lifting platforms, 10 C2 rowers, 2 assault-bikes, 2 glute-ham developers, 2 full-sized Olympic weightlifting decks, 1 reverse-hyper machine, and enough barbells, weights, ropes, rings, and kettlebells for 20+ athletes to workout simultaneously. They also have a fully-padded gymnastics area with a 16’ bouldering cave. 

CrossFit Paragon 

CrossFit Paragon was established in 2008 as one of the original affiliates in Metro Atlanta. Their mission is to deliver purpose drive fitness with a fun approach to a diverse community. They are about the bonds that are created between people and want to facilitate the best hour of everyday for every member. 

They drive a community that can’t wait for Monday morning to come, can’t wait to go to the gym, can’t wait to see what the workout of the day, can’t wait to talk about the best strategy for the WOD, can’t wait to read the daily mindset, and can’t wait to talk about what it really means to eat clean and share recipes with one another.

CrossFit 404

CrossFit404 is a fully-licensed CrossFit affiliate, dedicated to improving the overall health of the community through elite fitness and authentic relationships. CrossFit 404 was built for students, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, couch potatoes, parents, grandparents, military, teachers and everyone in between. They aim to be a diverse group of dedicated athletes who, despite our differences, are all part of the CrossFit 404 family.

CF404 staffs multiple coaches and assistant coaches across their busiest classes to ensure a safe and individualized workout experience. They feature more than 6,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor space, an expansive outdoor gym area, and fosters community with a lounge, WiFi, and other amenities. 

CrossFit Midtown

CrossFit Midtown starts with engaged coaches that lead from the beginning to end of every class, including warm-up, mobility work, strength/skill practice, the daily WOD and cool down. They will teach the safe, proper way to perform each exercise, help you measure and track your progress, and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

They host seminars and PR challenges to complement regular programming, social outings, and their coaches assist with nutrition to help you make healthy, sustainable changes to your eating habits so you start seeing results and feeling better.

Tim Rollins, Editor

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