4th of July WOD (Instructions and Tips)

The 4th of July WOD is a tribute to when the United States gained independence from Britain. This Independence Day workout consists of the following exercises:

  • 1776 meters row or run
  • 7 rounds of burpees
  • 1 clean and jerk at 135 pounds
  • 7 pullups
  • 6 double unders

You should complete this WOD in around 20 minutes. When doing the July 4th Workout of the Day, you will have to ensure you have the proper form and avoid missing attempts.

To help with this, you should break the sets into manageable numbers. When conducting your burpee reps, ensure that you are as explosive as possible while maintaining form.

Tips for Knocking Out the 4th of July WOD

Having a missed attempt can be detrimental. It is as taxing on your energy as a good rep, yet it doesn’t provide you anything but wasted energy and lost time. Not only that, but it can also kill your morale.

Another thing to remember with this workout is to conduct simple housekeeping. Taking the time to set your area up can ensure you have the smoothest transitions possible. Having smooth transitions is especially important as it can make a difference in your times.

Do whatever it takes to minimize transition times. This means you have to set your workout area up for maximum efficiency. For instance, having an area for your pullups, double unders, burpees, and weightlifting might be a logistical challenge; however, it is important that you try.

Every bit of repositioning and unnecessary steps can cut into your workout time.

Overall, when conducting this 4th of July WOD, you must pace yourself. Nevertheless, pacing yourself doesn’t mean you should hold back. The aim is to go for it, but this doesn’t mean losing all sense and judgment.

When you start this workout, always aim to get through the first part of the WOD as fast as possible. Once you do that, you can then work on completing the rest of the July 4th WOD to the best of your ability.

It is imperative to remember that you don’t have to be a high-level athlete to do the 4th of July WOD. It is a good workout for whatever experience level you are at.

Doing this workout can provide you with more insight into your training and how to make adjustments for the future. You should also see this workout as an opportunity to expand your limits and push your boundaries. Happy 4th!

Tim Rollins, Editor

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