Macho Man WOD: Instructions and Scaling

The Macho Man WOD is an EMOM workout (every minute on the minute) consisting of the following exercises:

  • 3 Power Cleans at 135 pounds
  • 3 Front Squats at 135 pounds
  • 3 Jerks at 135 pounds.

Every minute on the minute, beginning at the top of the minute, you will complete a round of 3 power cleans, 3 front squats, and 3 jerks. You can rest for the remainder of the limit.

When doing the movements in Macho Man WOD, you should pick the barbell off from the ground. It will help if you don’t use a rack.

Your score is calculated by combining the total number of rounds you completed before you could not complete a round before the beginning of the next minute.

What Is a Good Score for the Macho Man WOD?

  • Beginners should expect to complete 7 to 9 rounds
  • Intermediates should expect to complete 10 to 12 rounds
  • Advanced athletes should expect to complete 13 to 15 rounds
  • Elite athletes should expect to complete a minimum of 16 rounds

Strategy and Tips

To attain a great score in Macho Man WOD, you need to complete unbroken rounds for as long as possible.

This means you need to complete 3 unbroken power cleans before transitioning into 3 unbroken front squats.

After the unbroken front squats, you then transition into finishing 3 unbroken jerks.

If you place the barbell down during any exercise reps, you add an unnecessary rep to your workout routine. This can increase your level of muscular fatigue and cut into your already limited time.

The most effective way to succeed in Macho Man is to go unbroken.

What to Expect from the Macho Man WOD

When conducting Macho Man WOD, the weight should feel moderately heavy from the start. If the weight feels light initially, you should add more weight.

The first 6 minutes of Macho Man WOD should feel “doable”; however, after the 7th minute, breathlessness and muscle fatigue should become apparent.

At the end of this workout, you should feel physically and mentally exhausted. Macho Man WOD is a WOD that requires you to race against the clock. This, in turn, challenges your mental toughness.

Options for Scaling

If you haven’t done the Macho Man WOD, you will want to select a load that enables you to finish all the movements in half a minute for the first couple of minutes.

The load should be moderately heavy. For those new to the movements, you can use the following scale for complexity:

Option 1

  • 3 Deadlifts at 95 pounds
  • 3 Front Squats at 95 pounds*
  • 3 Push Presses at 95 pounds*

Option 2

  • 3 Power Cleans at 95 pounds
  • 3 Front Squats at 95 pounds
  • 3 Jerks at 95 pounds

*For this option, you will need to set up two barbells. You can take the front squats and push presses from a rack.

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