The Best CrossFit in Birmingham – Magic City’s Best Boxes

Magic city’s guide to Crossfit Birmingham and beyond; reviewing several boxes in the Birmingham metro area.

The focus on small training groups, personal training, and community makes the Magic City an amazing place to train Crossfit and push yourself to reach your potential.

CrossFit Laminin

Crossfit Laminin gets meaning from its definition; a fibrous protein present in the basal lamina of the epithelia. a large glycoprotein that binds epithelia cells to connective tissue, which as a result holds the human body together.

Offering several classes such as a basic skills class, a skill performance class for some advanced technique movements, and a strength class focusing on the techniques of Olympic lifting movements.

Laminin emphasizes the bonds mended among members, thus holding their community together.

Located at: 533 University Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone: (205) 703-0972

CrossFit Birmingham

CrossFit Birmingham was the first licensed CrossFit affiliate in Alabama, established in 2007. After a year of success and growth they moved into their current facility in 2008 and recently expanded their facility by adding a dedicated barbell strength area.

Located at: 157 Resource Center Parkway, STE. 103 Birmingham, Alabama 35242

Phone: 205.991.1909

CrossFit Mudtown

CrossFit Mudtown is your neighborhood gym; it’s for everyone.  At CrossFit Mudtown they strive for the highest quality in every aspect of a CrossFit gym; a quality facility, quality training, quality community.  

The mission is to educate and improve your overall quality of life through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  The team has over 32 years combined experience in CrossFit and are committed to helpng you acheive your fitness goals.  

Located in the heart of Cahaba Heights, CrossFit Mudtown is a 3,800 square foot space split between two levels.

The lower level is the fitness facility where all group classes are held. Upstairs houses reception, restrooms, childcare room and an area for members to store their belongings while attending class.

Located at: 4125 Autumn Lane, Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35243

Phone: (205) 790-2019

CrossFit J19

Crossfit J19 is a family oriented CrossFit affiliate focused on meeting and exceeding all member fitness goals.

From professional athletes, housewives, and businessmen, CrossFit J19 produces amazing results.

You need to show up to J19 prepared to work hard, their workouts utilize the theory of high-intensity interval training to continually challenge your muscles and keep your heart rate up.

Not only do you burn a ton of calories during the workout, but you will continue to burn more calories for hours after you have finished the workout.

Located at: 3414 A Lorna Lane, Hoover, AL 35216

Phone: 404-606-4122

CrossFit Trussville

CrossFit Trussville is a unique facility that is specifically structured around providing athletes the tools they need to become better emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, and physically.

They hope to grow a community of athletes that are all in constant pursuit of self-improvement. CrossFit Trussville is not your ordinary gym for one reason, their focus on programming.

The needs of each human differ in degree alone, not in form or function. Trussville trainers will scale appropriately to your individual needs, regardless of experience or background.  

Located at: 139 Railroad Street, Trussville, AL 35173

Phone: (205) 317-9234

CrossFit Irondale

One of the things that makes CrossFit Irondale so unique is their community of members. Irondale believes in motivating one another, cheering one another on, and sometimes participating in some healthy competition.

CrossFit Irondale prides themselves on having a trainer to member ratio no greater than 1:10, to provide highly focused training to each of their members, and to encourage family participation, one of the reasons why they offer a child’s play area for your kids!

Located at: 2410 Derby Way, STE C, Birmingham, AL 35210

Phone: 404-514-7709

CrossFit Rebellion

Crossfit Rebellion was established in January, 2009 with a mission to provide the tools needed and an environment conducive to the attainment of elite fitness.

They hope to educate their athletes in a manner that fosters an intense desire to better oneself and improve their quality of life. Crossfit Rebellion is not just another gym, they are a community of individuals brought together by one goal: the pursuit of fitness.  

While that pursuit is at times overwhelming, the athletes of CFR are dedicated to one another.  

In addition to a training atmosphere and camaraderie that is second to none, they also offer several personalized training programs. Rebellion has assembled the most knowledgeable, accredited and experienced staff in the area with over 26 years of combined coaching experience.

Located at: 3029 6th Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35233

Phone: 205.422.0721

CrossFit 280

At Crossfit 280 you’ll move your body with pull ups, push ups, running, and lifting in a group setting. Workouts are short, done with high intensity, and scaleable to any level of fitness!

280 will teach you how to adjust your diet based on your goals, teach proper weightlifting techniques, and gain endurance. 280 has recently renovated their gym to include top-notch weightlifting stations, additional cardio options including rowers and assault bikes.

You can also relax in their athlete’s lounge, offering an eight foot projection TV and sectional sofa. Crossfit 280 also frequently hosts community get-togethers, sports nights, and nerf wars! They even have an extra room for kids ages six and up to play while you’re working out!

Located at: 5511 Highway 280 Suite #313, Birmingham, AL 35242

Phone: 205-202-1348

Tim Rollins, Editor

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