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If your looking for a box in Kansas City, MO or Kansas City, KS the good news that you have several great options! Crossfit in Kansas City means community and you will find that all of the boxes reviewed below have this in common, so without further ado here are your the best options for Crossfit in Kansas City!

Crossfit Matters

CROSSFIT MATTERS started as a dream to build a FIT community in 2009!  We are small but mighty and proud of it! At CROSSFIT MATTERS, YOU benefit from a small coach-to-athlete ratio.  With certified and passionate coaches who are committed to your success.  And with that you get more attention, quality development and safety in movement which will lead to better overall RESULTS!

We have a community of progressive people who want to live life to the fullest.  We thrive in a group setting through the camaraderie, the welcoming environment and constant challenge day in and day out. 

You are joining a community where fun, encouragement and respect for your fellow CrossFitter are priority. 

CROSSFIT MATTERS is kind of like Cheers, where everyone knows your name, appreciates your strengths, challenges your weakness and is there to encourage everyone to achieve their goals and dreams.  We train like athletes, people who are disciplined, dedicated and focused on achieving their goals.

Our philosophy at CROSSFIT MATTERS is simple – Fitness is a life-long commitment requiring continuous education and consistent devotion to improvement.  

Our goal – is to empower you to LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR LIFE! We call ourselves coaches and we call you athletes. We show you what we know and we teach you what to see and feel in each movement. We drill the points of performance, technique and range of motion. We invest in our CrossFit education so that we can pass it on to you, so that you can perform better and live life better!

Located at: 735 Southwest BLVD, Ste. D, Kansas City, KS 66103

Phone: 913.948.3112

Sky’s Limit CrossFit

Sky’s Limit Crossfit offers experienced trainers who will personally work with you to reach beyond your fitness goals and known physical limits to lead a better, healthier life.

They welcome beginners with no workout knowledge to athletes looking for an established KC CrossFit community. Sky’s Limit also offers CrossFit classes and personal training in Kansas City with passionate coaching and a supportive, fun, and community-driven gym atmosphere.

The box is named after the owner’s daughter Skyler, who was born with a serious heart condition. She is a reminder of what we are mentally and physically capable of, and for that, there are no limits.

Sky’s Limit isn’t like a big box gym where an out-of-shape personal trainer is telling you how to get fit when the only time he spends in the gym is to earn his paycheck. The trainers do the same workouts our members do, and are often the guinea pigs for new workouts, movements, or training techniques.

You can be confident that while they are instructing you in form improvements, or encouraging you through a challenging wod, that they’ve been through the same thing, or will experience it at some point in the day.

Sky’s Limit Crossfit train with a common goal, to become better than yesterday in fitness and in life, and we believe a great way to accomplish that is together.

Located at: 305 W. 80th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64114

Phone: (816) 830-8357

Martin City CrossFit

MC CrossFit was built to be the best CrossFit Gym in the KC area…period!  MC CrossFit features a member lounge with local Martin City microbrews, towel service, full service locker room with showers, children’s play area, premium equipment and the best programming.

The staff and MC CrossFit Community come from varying backgrounds and fitness levels, living by the code of improvement and encouragement..

Located at: 201 W 135th St., Kansas City, MO 64145

Phone: (816)799-4827

CrossFit Memorial Hill

CrossFit Memorial Hill (“The Hill”) was founded in 2012 on the lawn of the National WWI Memorial, with the belief of giving back.

Named for the base of Memorial Hill, just West of Liberty Memorial, the Hill has adopted the insignia of the 35th U.S. Infantry Division as an homage to the formation of the division spanning across state lines.

Thanks to local partners and athletes, a portion of membership dues give back to Kansas City charities and organizations.

The mission is to create a world class fitness facility driven by a diverse community of people committed to working hard, having fun and achieving results.

Located at: 2535 Jefferson St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-945-6629

CrossFit FIF

CrossFit FIF, stands for CrossFit Fitness Isn’t Free…the concept Fitness Isn’t Free is simple; the journey in fitness is a struggle, and that struggle is different for everyone.

 It’s not the monetary value paid for a membership, but physically and mentally pushing to attain goals together.  A CrossFit facility that is about making a difference in people’s lives, FIF opened their doors in order to provide a service that they could truly believe in, which is helping people.

The staff background is broad and extensive, ranging from competitive athletes, military backgrounds, and of course, plenty of CrossFit knowledge.               

Located at: 1308 NW Vivion Road Unit A, Kansas City, MO 64118

Phone: (816)-945-4014

Crossfit on the 18th / Crossroads Bootcamp

Crossfit on the 18th is proud to be the first to bring elite fitness to downtown Kansas City, located in the heart of the Crossroads District. Offering high intensity interval training that leverages basic movements using body weight as well as weighted equipment that will make for “cardio” unlike any you’ve experienced.

In every class, athletes are taught proper technique, are expected to do the work, and get results. Your coach will know you by name and your progress is the reason he or she is here, with workouts that always changing, never boring, and always safe and tailored to the individual athlete.

Located at: 516-518 E. 18th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64108

Phone: (816) 842-2668

Crossfit Northland

Crossfit Northland believes in creating a community of people who know there is no such thing as an easy way.

They employ a staff of trainers who seek to encourage and educate every client every day. When you show up for any class at CFN you can count on being pushed to your absolute maximum, with the hope it was the best hour of your day.

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, lower your cholesterol or play with your kids a little longer, Crossfit Northland will get you there.

Located at: 7900 NW 100th Street Lower Levels 4/5/6, KC, MO 64153

Phone: 888.830.5498

Brave Enough CrossFit

No matter what your experience level, age or athletic background, if you are willing to work hard to achieve your health and fitness goals, you will feel at home at Brave Enough CrossFit.

Imagine going to the gym where you are surrounded by an encouraging community who cultivates a sense of improvement.

At Brave Enough CrossFit, they have the tools, equipment, and amenities needed to become the ultimate version of yourself. Top notch coaches will show you how to correctly, and safely, use each piece of equipment in the gym.

Facilities consists of a main workout space, pro shop, classrooms, locker rooms, free parking for members, free Wi-Fi throughout the space, showers and towel service.

Located at: 1527 Howell Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Phone: (816) 716-8347

KCI CrossFit

KCI CrossFit is a first-class CrossFit gym in Kansas City dedicated to improving your health and fitness. 

You will feel at home here, whatever fitness experience you have! They are a fitness community that supports one another by building happier, healthier & more productive lives. 

Through gratitude, grit, and relationships we are able to accomplish more than we can imagine!  KCI CrossFit is where you’ll find the best hour of your day!    

Located at: 10601 NW Ambassador Dr, Ste G, Kansas City, MO 64153

Phone: 816-659-3076

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